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Delivering File Services in the Cloud for Education


Join Nephos and Nasuni for this 30-minute webinar to learn about how the Nasuni & Nephos partnership can help support some of the file storage challenges faced by the Education sector.

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Infrastructure Optimisation for Splunk


In this short webinar, Nephos were joined by object storage platform: Scality, to explain how we leverage containers and object storage to reduce the overall complexity and cost of infrastructure for Splunk environments.

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Delivering 4x Price/Performance Gains for Algo Trading


In this webinar, we discuss Weka.IO’s record-breaking performance on STAC M3 benchmarks using kdb+ time-series database, and how we combine to drive a 4x price/performance gain compared to traditional delivery models.

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Webinar: The Benefit of Bringing Data Science to Data Governance


In this webinar, our Co-Founder: Lee Biggenden will be providing an introduction in to Nephos Technologies’ SmartData Governance service. Our service operationalises data governance, through the use of data science, to drive greater accuracy when it comes to data governance and deliver automated policy enforcement regardless of where your data is stored, and what type of data it is.

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Enabling Secure File Access for Remote Working


Nephos hosted a webinar with our partners: Storage Made Easy (SME) demonstrating how we provide simplified and consistent remote access to file data without large scale data migration, forced cloud adoption or infrastructure changes.

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Zero Trust Network Access for Remote Working


Nephos and Netskope hosted a joint webinar to demonstrate the Netskope Private Access (NPA) platform – a cloud-native security platform that combines a next-gen secure web gateway with zero trust network access to ensure that remote workers get fast and secure access to websites, cloud apps, and private apps.

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Simplified Visibility Into Your Data Risk Profile


Nephos’ unintrusive Smart Discovery service enables to identify your data regardless of what it is, or where it’s being stored without the need for physical infrastructure deployment, and in doing so we provide an insight into the potential risks that your business face when it comes to losing track of your data.

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Secure Cloud Storage for the Public Sector


Using the Cloud to store corporate data poses challenges for public sector bodies. Nephos hosted a webinar with Nasuni and Microsoft to explain how we enable the secure use of Cloud for enterprise storage.

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Datrgy Product Launch Webinar


The first public demonstration of Nephos’ Datrgy data management platform. The only data management system that works at scale and across a distributed network.

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Nephos Technologies – Morpheus DevOps Webinar


Joint webinar with Nephos Technologies and Morpheus Data introducing Morpheus’ hybrid cloud management platform, it’s concepts and benefits within a DevOps context.

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Nephos Technologies – Introduction to Velostrata – Cloud Migration


Introductory webinar with Velostrata, introducing their Cloud migration platform.

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Nasuni Nephos Global Enterprise File Services in the Cloud


Webinar introducing the principles behind Nasuni’s cloud native file system, and discussing the real world benefits of this next generation approach to enterprise file services.

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Nephos Technologies – Introduction to Cloudian, Object Storage


Introductory webinar introducing the principles behind the use of object storage, and Cloudian’s market leading platform.