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Apr 2020

Delivering the Cloud Experience, in your own Data-centre

In the past

Feb 2020

Faster Data Insights with High-Performance Storage In The Cloud

Nov 2019

Webinar: Secure Cloud Storage for the Public Sector

Oct 2019

Nephos Defined: Delivering Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure with AWS and Nasuni

Sep 2019

Seminar: An AEC Workshop with Nephos, Nasuni, and Nutanix
Webinar: Enabling Hybrid IT Orchestration and DevOps Self-Service

Aug 2019

Webinar: Nephos Technologies and AWS – Delivering Hybrid Cloud for the Enterprise

Jun 2019

Software Defined Storage For The Modern Enterprise

Mar 2019

Webinar: Smart Discovery for Media
Webinar: Smart Discovery for FSI
Webinar: Streamlining Media Storage


Secure Cloud Storage for the Public Sector

Using the Cloud to store corporate data poses challenges for public sector bodies. Nephos hosted a webinar with Nasuni and Microsoft to explain how we enable the secure use of Cloud for enterprise storage.

Nov 2019
Datrgy Product Launch Webinar

The first public demonstration of Nephos’ Datrgy data management platform. The only data management system that works at scale and across a distributed network.

Jul 2018
Nephos Technologies – Morpheus DevOps Webinar

Joint webinar with Nephos Technologies and Morpheus Data introducing Morpheus’ hybrid cloud management platform, it’s concepts and benefits within a DevOps context.

Apr 2018
Nephos Technologies – Introduction to Velostrata – Cloud Migration

Introductory webinar with Velostrata, introducing their Cloud migration platform.

Nov 2017
Nasuni Nephos Global Enterprise File Services in the Cloud

Webinar introducing the principles behind Nasuni’s cloud native file system, and discussing the real world benefits of this next generation approach to enterprise file services.

Sep 2017
Nephos Technologies – Introduction to Cloudian, Object Storage

Introductory webinar introducing the principles behind the use of object storage, and Cloudian’s market leading platform.

Sep 2017
Nephos Technologies & Rubrik – 101 & Product Demonstration

A 10 minute presentation introducing Nephos Technologies and our partner Rubrik, as well as a product demonstration.

Apr 2017

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