Faster data decisions and better
responses with minimal fuss

Edge computing is a model that is being adopted rapidly, particularly for companies involved with IoT, high performance applications and distributed computing.

If your business would benefit from quicker insights and responses nearer to the data source then edge computing is for you. By decentralising computation and data storage and bringing it closer to the point of request, edge computing reduces latency, delivering those instantaneous responses.

What’s tricky is identifying what distributed infrastructure to use, and how to deliver it in a controlled way. That’s where SmartData Edge from Nephos comes in.


A fully customised solution


Simple, easy to implement scalability


Rightsized storage at the edge


A full turnkey service – pre-tested, pre-built – just plug it in

By implementing our customised SmartData Edge solutions,
our clients are seeing an average of 80% faster provisioning,
a decrease of 60% in total cost of ownership.
They are using 55% less power, and are able
to reduce their management overheads by up to 50%.”

Lee Casey
Solutions Director, Nephos

Benefits to your organisation


Faster response times

Decentralised nodes means requests don’t have to travel as far, resulting in quicker transfer rates and lower latency.


Reduced network bandwidth

When requests are handled close by, you use less bandwidth, compared with having to reach a central or cloud server.


A more consistent experience

SmartData Edge delivers consistent performance across all edge sites, with built-in failover.


Simplified IT operations

SmartData Edge simplifies IT ops management at multiple endpoints, with an easy plug-and-play solution.

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