SmartData Manager

File Analysis as a Service for
distributed enterprises

Today, organisations store massive amounts of largely unstructured data in multiple locations – including public, private and hybrid clouds. This is data you pay to protect, store and manage.

Being able to visualise, organise and analyse this data is critical for efficiency and compliance purposes. But legacy data management systems simply can’t accommodate these complexities.

Users are also changing how they access and derive value from data. And complying with ever-increasing regulatory requirements is hard when you can’t visualise the entire extent of your company’s data.

If these problems sound familiar, Datrgy can help.


An aggregate view of all file storage.


Total visibility into your data.


Simple policy-based data movement.


Data usage audits.


The ability to monetize storage consumption.

We developed Datrgy to meet the data challenges of some of the
world’s largest enterprises. It addresses large data volumes,
distributed and siloed data storage, and duplication.

Your organisation will be able to discover and index multiple file systems
across multiple locations with no performance degradation,
and no impact or reliance on network infrastructure.

Michael Queenan
Co-Founder, Nephos

Benefits to your organisation


Manage growing data

Eliminate the problems of vast, unstructured data. Know what you have, and where it is.


Coordinate distributed environments

Harness data stored across private, public or hybrid clouds, apps and SaaS services.


Realise value much faster

Organised data is easier to access and monetise – and improves efficiency and productivity.


Delete aged data

When you have visibility of all your data, you can make sure you keep only what is needed.

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