Privacy Management: Applying appropriate controls

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Date: Previously live on 12 April 2023 

In our increasingly digitised world, businesses hold and generate more data than ever before with IDC’s latest study expecting global data to double in size from 2022 to 2026. This sheer volume of data presents a unique challenge for organisations as it can quickly become unclear what data they have, where it is stored, who owns it and who has access to it. All too often, this results in compromised data privacy and security – usually unknowingly.

In this third episode of our webinar series, we’ll discuss why it is necessary for organisations to apply the right level of privacy and security control to their data assets, the challenges of putting this into practice, how they can build the synergy between policies and technology to achieve this, and the importance of aligning policy aims with the needs of users.

Join us as we examine how privacy and security controls can be applied by operationalising data governance – effectively allowing organisations to manage their data and adhere to regulatory compliance.


About the Operationalising Data Governance Series

Organisations all over the world are finding their data governance efforts are more complex and frustrating than they expected. Without an effective approach, delivering on compliance and business objectives can become a difficult task as Gartner uncovered within their recent report – “The State of Data and Analytics Governance is Worse Than You Think” – which found that a quarter of those surveyed achieved nothing they set out to accomplish with data.

Together with our partners at BigID and Manta, we aim to demystify and practically discuss the ‘what, why, who and how’ to successfully operationalise data governance within organisations in today’s business context.


About our panellists:

Jessica Santos

Jessica is currently the Global Compliance and Quality Director, DPO at Cerner Enviza (an Oracle company) and is an expert opinion leader in healthcare compliance, privacy, ethics, regulation, pharmacovigilance and quality management.

As a global executive, Jessica provides oversight and support across global offices in regulation, ethics and compliance, and is responsible for directing frameworks regarding compliance, privacy and quality management in RWR (Real World Research) and MR (Market Research).

Holding a PhD in Social Science and MRS fellowship, Jessica has gained her reputation through multiple publications and committee work as a member of BHBIA and EphMRA code of Ethics Committee, UK Research Ethics Committee, MAPs Compliance and co-chair of ISPOR Code of Conduct Committee.

Julian Hicks

Julian is presently a privacy subject matter expert at BigID, an advanced AI data discovery platform that helps enterprises identify and protect their customer and entity information. His goal is to help companies understand and implement solutions that enable them to comply with the rapidly evolving privacy regulations.

Julian has had a long career in IT with a focus on privacy software management solutions since 2017 and gained his IAPP CIPP/E certification in 2019. He brings both a technical and practical perspective to the privacy conversation, helping companies take the complexity out of compliance.

Lee Biggenden

Lee is the co-founder and COO of Nephos Technologies, a consultancy-led data systems integrator focused on helping organisations unlock their data’s hidden value and unrealised potential. Together with Michael Queenan, Lee co-founded Nephos to help customers transform the way they store, process, govern and protect data; challenging them to think differently about one of their most valuable assets. Through his leadership, Lee has guided Nephos to successfully support multi-national organisations, attain multiple industry recognitions and exponentially expand the company.


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