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Data volumes are growing at unstoppable rates, and with it comes the resource (people and budget) burden of managing an ever growing and diverse infrastructure landscape. At the same time all organisations are asking their operational IT departments to do more with less – to sweat assets and reduce headcount and cost.

To support our customers and close this resource gap, Nephos Technologies provides customers with managed infrastructure services that are specifically designed to help organisations tackle the risks, costs and complexities associated with managing IT infrastructure to cater for today’s and tomorrow’s needs.

Through our Managed Infrastructure Services, our experts act as an extension of your internal teams to support, maintain and transform your infrastructure platforms. Based on ITIL best practices and with accountability through agreed service level agreements, our team provide the operational support needed aligned to your business needs at a lower operating cost than managing these processes internally or hiring additional headcount.

Our Service Offering

Proactive Monitoring
Our SaaS based monitoring service delivers proactive infrastructure monitoring to identify incidents and allow us to deliver preventative maintenance. Together with our trend analysis and proactive alerts, we detect and address potential infrastructure incidents before they happen, minimising downtime.

System Patching and Maintenance
Gain peace of mind and leave the software management and firmware system updates to our team of experts – so you can focus on your core business. Working closely with your teams, we help determine the best approach to ensure that updates are completed in a timely way, with the right level of governance, to mitigate the risks that come with out-of-date infrastructure.

Technical Support
Improve your operational resilience and achieve uninterrupted infrastructure availability with Nephos’ support team. Acting as an extension of your team, our experts will liaise with our hardware and software partners to swiftly resolve any incidents that may arise whilst providing technical support to your organisation.

Capacity Planning
Prevent incidents related to capacity management and accurately predict infrastructure expansion needs. Whether introducing new workloads or experiencing changes in requirements, capacity planning plays a vital role in infrastructure service operations. With support from our service, gain comprehensive insights of your organisation’s infrastructure current and future needs to achieve optimal capacity planning.

Additions, Moves & Changes
Our teams work within your existing change control process to apply adds, moves and changes to your environment to mitigate risks and speed up response times when it comes to system changes.  By leveraging our team, we allow you to overcome resource constraints and deliver smooth operations and enhanced productivity.

Key Benefits

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Optimise Your Technology Investments

We work to drive operational efficiencies and make sure that the technology is delivering as much value as possible. Working alongside our team, optimise and transform your infrastructure to drive more value from your investment.

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Amplify Resource Coverage

We help extend your team’s capacity and resource to deliver on day-to-day requirements. As your IT infrastructure evolves, we’ll continue to support your organisation to simplify and streamline operations whilst ensuring critical functions continue to operate smoothly.

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Deliver Uninterrupted Availability

Our proactive maintenance services helps keep your infrastructure secure, stable and running optimally whilst delivering on your organisations ever changing requirements and demands – preventing operational incidents that could affect capacity and infrastructure utilisation.

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Reduce Operational Costs

By leveraging our scale and efficiencies, reduce the operational costs of recruiting, training and managing your valuable talent and resources. With the support of our experts maintaining critical operations, focus your teams on driving value and implementing transformational projects.

Organisations need an innovative approach to deal with their data efficiently.

We developed our Managed Infrastructure Services to help them address these specific challenges.

Michael Queenan
CEO, Nephos

Challenges we help overcome

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Digital Transformation Requirements

As organisations embrace the latest technologies and practices, there is a growing need for IT infrastructure to support the growing needs of data storage, analytics and protection – all of which requires significant resources to start and maintain.

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Legacy Systems

To ensure continued efficiency and compatibility, there is an ongoing need for organisations to transition from outdated systems and technologies without disrupting critical operations.

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Infrastructure Complexity

With IT infrastructure now becoming more complex and intricately woven into daily business operations, there is a greater need for organisations to simplify, standardise and effectively utilise monitoring tools to deliver seamless operations.

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Scalability & Flexibility

As organisations grow, there is an expectation that IT Infrastructure can scale accordingly to accommodate increased workflows and user demands – which is not always straightforward or easy to achieve.

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Cyber Resilience & Operational Availability

In today’s digital environment, defending against evolving cyber threats have become increasingly difficult as data, systems and operations span across multiple applications, regions and organisations – making it increasingly important to ensure cyber resilience and operational availability of critical systems.

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Attracting and Retaining Talent

Organisations of all sizes and industries continue to face significant challenges in building, training and retaining a skilled IT workforce. Effectively, without the right workforce, many organisations will struggle to plan for and deliver on projects and initiatives.

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Managing Vendor Relationships

From selecting the right vendors, negotiating contracts to monitoring delivery of agreed products and services, effectively managing relationships with a growing number of technology and service providers is becoming more complex and time-consuming.

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Budget constraints

To achieve IT objectives within budget constraints, organisations are increasingly required to effectively prioritise and resourcefully manage projects for maximum ROI – which is becoming increasingly difficult under tightening budget, resource and time pressures.

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