Delivering an End-to-End Data as a Service Platform

Implementing the recommendations from your Nephos SmartData Strategy is simple with this turnkey service. SmartData Services is a pre-tested, integrated combination of technologies that helps you to achieve all your data goals.

There’s no need to source tools or build an architecture yourself: Nephos SmartData Services is ready to go from Day 1, with or without a managed service. It is designed to reduce the risks and optimise the opportunities that were identified in your SmartData Strategy.

The ultimate result is data and resources that empower your teams to develop the best possible business intelligence for your organisation… insights that will give you data-driven competitive advantages.


Delivery of Data as a Service (DaaS)


A single solution for data discovery, governance, catalogue and lineage


Relevant datasets combined to deliver maximum value.


Provision of an automated data science environment with relevant data models

“One of our SmartData Services clients is a genomics research organisation.
They handle massive amounts of data and need to accommodate its exponential growth.

Our solution delivered a 140% increase in data performance,
a 30% decrease in data handling and storage costs,
and a new income stream via a newly-accessible, monetised DaaS.

Lee Casey
Solutions Director, Nephos

Benefits to your organisation


Vendor freedom

The SmartData Service we’ll create for you consists of the best tools for your situation – with the agility to adapt as your needs change. No more vendor lock-ins.



You don’t need to worry about building a complicated, expensive solution internally. We take care of that – you can simply focus on deriving value from the outcomes.


Data quality

With a single point of update, your data is better controlled, which improves its quality. Access controls help improve your data integrity.



When your data is delivered in one centralised place, you can say goodbye to multiple copies and version control issues. You can find the latest version quickly.



SmartData Services make collaboration, administration, global accessibility and control dramatically easier. Plus all updates are automatic.



Your teams will find your organisation’s data to be much simpler, easier and faster to access and work with. Data can be moved between different platforms easily.



Provision of an automated data science environment with relevant data models pre-loaded and ready to work to maximise time to value from your data.


End-to-End Solution

Nephos’ SmartData Services solution, we provide an end-to-end solution that encompasses data discovery, governance, catalogue and lineage

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