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The Evolution Of Bio Data Management

The life sciences, healthcare, medical and pharma sectors consist of extremely complex data landscapes, including ever-evolving regulations and demands from stakeholders. There is constant pressure to harness data effectively to produce greater insights, faster and faster.

Research organisations are having to redefine their roles and strategies. They are evolving beyond their old ‘research only’ labels into companies and enterprises – which brings a new set of challenges.

Operating increasingly in the public eye, these organisations are facing new problems including regulatory compliance, third party access and authentication, data accuracy and validity – and more.

It is becoming harder and harder to protect vital data assets while continuing to innovate and deliver an easy customer experience.

The industry is moving towards Data as a Service – but many organisations we talk to don’t know how to get there. What’s needed is a platform that grants appropriate access to any authorised user – internal staff, third party researchers or health professionals – giving them the information they need and answering their questions automatically, without requiring direct interaction with organisation employees.

Nephos is working with a number of Life Sciences companies to create this new Data as a Service world, helping them to create the future of science and medicine.

Data challenges in Life Sciences

Medical professionals and third party researchers are demanding
more detailed, higher quality, current data – in real time.
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Precision medicine platforms

Healthcare professionals are demanding better quality data, faster. Nephos connects data silos and optimises delivery, so that healthcare professionals can access better quality data much faster.

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Third party research solutions

Nephos helps researchers to find cures for diseases faster, by improving the ability to query, access and interrogate data and achieve greater insights, quicker than ever before.


Metadata management

Being able to enrich massive amounts of data, deliver insights, and identify its lineage is paramount – particularly when that data is being used to prescribe drugs to patients.


GPU as a Service

GPUs are expensive, but deliver significantly better insights much faster. Often though they are underutilised. Nephos works with Life Sciences organisations to optimise their GPU use.

The SmartFile Audit from Nephos Technologies provided us
with exactly what we needed: An insight into our data usage.
They worked through a range of solutions to find the right
approach for us, before delivering a full business case.

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