Identify and get the most
from your company’s valuable data.

All the data in the world is expected to reach 44 zettabytes by 2020. And while your company’s data is likely only a small fraction of that, it is probably increasing rapidly.

How you capture, store, secure and use data can not only give your business a competitive advantage – it also influences customer trust. Being able to find the right data for a task influences productivity and accuracy. In siloed companies, interoperability and duplication are problems. And with data breaches in the news every week, businesses need to do more than simply complying with the latest data security regulations.

Data can be an overwhelming challenge for any business. A SmartData Strategy from the experts at Nephos Technologies can help you turn your data headaches into efficiencies and opportunities.


Critical data identification


Data storage and governance audit


Workflow analysis and identification of data science process opportunities


Business intelligence advice with actionable recommendations

Most organisations are storing 5x more data than they actually need.
This makes it increasingly difficult to identify the data that’s most critical
to their business – and how best to use it to drive customer value.

Companies need an innovative approach to deal with their data efficiently.
We founded Nephos to help them address these specific challenges.”

Michael Queenan
Co-Founder, Nephos

What we deliver


Understanding of your critical data

Identify your business’s critical data, discover where it is stored, and classify it into different types for easier management and compliance.


Improve data efficiency and cost-effectiveness

Design data workflows for your business using best practices, to prevent data silos and combine data sets. No more duplication and unnecessary storage costs.


Faster ROI on data projects

Business intelligence strategies, including technologies like artificial intelligence, can speed up the results your business will see from data initiatives.


Full compliance with data laws

A data governance strategy is a must for any business. We’ll ensure that your business meets all your industry’s data governance requirements.

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