Data Governance as a


Data and security compliance – simplified

Data sprawl is one of the biggest challenges in data governance. Today organisations store multiple data types in a range of on-premise, in-cloud and SaaS locations. This makes data compliance complex and costly.

Also, more laws and data security requirements have come online to protect individuals. Add to that the problems data subject access requests (DSAR) bring, and looking after your data can be a full-time operational headache.

Nephos SmartData Governance is a turn-key, managed service that lets you focus on policy creation, rather than worrying about data loss, compliance problems or DSARs.


Data Governance as a Service


Discovery, identification and classification of sensitive data


Data security policy enforcement


Regulatory compliance review

Our SmartData Governance service wraps our customers’ data
in a security blanket – enabling them to focus on policies, not technologies.

It also gives them access to a significant amount of expertise and technology
that they wouldn’t have in-house, at a fraction of the cost

Lee Casey
Solutions Director, Nephos

Benefits to your organisation


Better insights

Have a 360 degree view of your data security posture at the click of a button.


Affordable expertise

Our data expert looking after your data’s security and compliance will cost less than if you do it in-house.


Operational improvements

Remove the need to buy expensive tools and hire staff by outsourcing it to our data-focused managed service.


Peace of mind

Sleep better at night knowing that your data is 100% aligned with your security policy.

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