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Data governance – simplified

Data governance is fast becoming one of the most important and wide-ranging organisational priorities across the modern digital economy.

Data governance is a must to meet the regulatory and compliance demands of todays data-driven enterprises, but it can be more than that; it’s a foundation for enabling business transformation through data insights.

When it comes to data governance, one of the biggest challenges is defining, implementing and executing a governance strategy that goes beyond a box-ticking exercise to release the enormous latent value of business data.

Unlock Your Data’s Hidden Value  

Data governance can unlock a range of benefits, from securing your critical data assets, boosting the quality and accuracy of data to improving the ability of leaders to make informed data-led decisions.

Our Data Governance-as-a-Service (DGaaS) offering is a turnkey, managed service that lets you focus on delivering value rather than managing a raft of disconnected tools. Delivered through our Continuum management platform, DGaaS empowers organisations to achieve trust, transparency and control over their data.


Key Benefits


Accelerate Time-To-Value

Through our proven and structured approach, we reduce deployment times and accelerate time to value by up to 70%. We focus on your most valuable data assets without adding pressure to your finite resources. 


Simplify Operational Management

Through automation-led workflows, we streamline data governance and reduce the manual intervention of legacy approaches when it comes to the discovery and classification of your critical data assets.


Integrated & Holistic Coverage

Our service-based approach integrates seamlessly into your processes under a single management platform: Continuum. Continuum simplifies end-to-end data governance management to reduce complexity and focus on outcomes.


Self-Service Business Insights

We empower you to make data visible, accessible and trusted by setting quality controls and validation systems throughout the data lifecycle. DGaaS enables teams to drive greater value from their data – to embrace a truly data-driven culture.

Our Data Governance-as-a-Service offering wraps our customers’ data in a security blanket – enabling them to focus on policies and outcomes, rather than technologies.

Nephos gives its customers a single view of their governance capabilities and access to our expertise to supplement their in-house teams at a fraction of the cost.

Lee Casey
Solutions Director, Nephos

Challenges we help overcome

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Lengthy Deployment Timeframes

Data governance programmes can be a long and complex process of onboarding data sources, building workflows, setting remediation policies and producing reports. Our automated approach overcomes this to significantly cut deployment times and speed time to value.


Technical Expertise Gap

Drawing on our team’s experience in deploying and managing the day-to-day activities of your data governance programmes, you’re free to focus your resources, expertise and time on driving other critical data priorities.

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Multiple Tool Integration & Management

When it comes to Data governance tools, there’s no silver bullet. No single tool to meet all of your needs.  Nephos’ Continuum platform automates toolset integration and workflows to reduce the management burden, simplify integration processes and deliver on regular reporting requirements.

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Delivering Ownership, Quality and Control

Empowering data owners with the access, visibility and capability to take preventative and remedial action can be challenging across multiple data sets and tools. Nephos Continuum provides a centralised dashboard with customised workflows and alerts to provide actionable insights and reports.

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Setup Complexity

Data is everywhere. Onboarding data sources can be manual, complex and time-consuming, made worse by uncontrollable data growth.

With our proven and structured approach, we support your team to locate, onboard and accurately classify your data to meet your governance policies.

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The Need for Customisation

Every organisation is unique. Standard tools aren’t suitable and often require costly and time-consuming customisation. Our DGaaS service has been developed to simplify set-up and operation with this consideration at its core.  We work with you to tailor our service to suit your organisation, stakeholders, challenges and desired outcomes.

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