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A New Type of Partner For a New Type Of Problem

Nephos Technologies was founded in the belief that customers were no longer getting real value from their traditional partners. Legacy integrators just weren’t setup to provide expert advice on the new set of challenges that customers were facing around managing their data. We wanted Nephos to be a company that provided value with a true expertise around data management and to challenge our customers to think differently. We came to market as a modern integrator with a focus on helping our customers to better understand their environment, with independent recommendations as to how to overcome their challenges and support their strategic development.

The Problems We Encounter

Whether you use it to drive better customer insight and engagement, support new media delivery methods or analyse financial data sets, Data is universally becoming the lifeblood of all organisations.

The rising value of this data, as well as our ability to generate and capture more of it, is pushing traditional infrastructure models to breaking point in terms of both their ability to scale and the cost to maintain them.  Traditionally a lack of a better approach would lead to organisations storing at least 5x the volume of data that they actually require (through replication and duplication) and a management nightmare caused by silo’s of infrastructure being delivered for point projects.

This dynamic that is leading organisations to seek new, innovative delivery models for their infrastructure, to enable them to be more efficient in the way that they deal with this growth.

Exponential Data Growth

We are seeing more and more customers having problem with the levels of data growth and the legacy technologies not being able to keep up

Data Protection At Scale

Customers are struggling to cope with protecting and securing data at scale, especially across multi-cloud and SaaS environments

Global Collaboration

Business is now more global than ever so the ability to collaborate on projects in real-time is becoming critical to success

What We Do

Nephos Technologies helps organisations benchmark their existing data environment with a view to understanding your business direction; we then map technology recommendations to enable you to deliver these outcomes.  We do this by working closely with our customers, generally through an initial consulting engagement with one of our Smart Services, which we combine with our experience with technology innovations to make recommendations in line with your technological, commercial and business goals.

Nephos Technologies has always brought new and inventive options to the table when helping us with any project. They are always thinking outside the box and mapping technology options to empirically proven returns and operational savings
EMEA Operations Director
Global Advertising Agency

Executive Team

Michael Queenan


Lee Biggenden


Lee Casey

Solutions Director



One of the key elements that makes Nephos different. We listen to our customers’ requirements and desired business outcomes and make recommendations based on this, rather than just relying on vendors to drive our strategy


This is the second cornerstone of our business. We do one thing – Data. We believe that it is nearly impossible to be an expert on everything so we have spent the thousands of hours becoming a true expert in one thing so we can bring that value back to our customers

Consultancy Led

Our consultancy is the 3rd pillar of what makes Nephos different. We believe to truly add value to our customers we need to have an in-depth understanding of their business and where they would like to go. We do this through our Smart Services and is where over 90% of our customer relationships start


We always put our customers’ requirements first rather than vendor relations, discounts or rebate schemes. Also, it is just as important for us to tell customers what we can’t do as what we can as this is a way of building trust in the partnership


We like to challenge the standard way of thinking and bring new approaches to our customers. Our goal is always to make the right choice the easy choice for our customers and we do this by bringing innovative technologies to market to meet their goals

Always Deliver

None of the other elements matter if we don’t deliver what we say we are going to. It is critically important to us to always deliver on the promises we have made during any engagement, as this is our reputation, and also delivering the solution on-time and on-budget.

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