Nephos Technologies

Our Mission:
To help companies solve complex data problems
To help companies use data to drive innovation



The Problems We Encounter


A shortage of independent Data expertise

There are few partners that have the expertise and independence needed to support the development, execution and ongoing management of an organisations data services strategy


Data protection at scale

Rapid Data growth, multi-cloud and SaaS environments, and growing regulatory and compliance requirements, are making it increasingly difficult for organisations to track and protect their data effectively


Processing more data – faster!

The combined demands of exponential data growth and the increased need to view and analyse this data are causing strain on infrastructure and data management

Increased Value Of Data

Whether you use it to drive better customer insight and engagement, support new media delivery methods or analyse financial data sets, Data is universally becoming the lifeblood of all organisations.

The rising value of this data, as well as our ability to generate and capture more of it, is pushing traditional infrastructure models to the breaking point in terms of both their ability to scale and the cost to maintain them. Traditionally a lack of a better approach would lead to organisations storing at least 5x the volume of data that they actually require (through replication and duplication) and a management nightmare caused by silos of infrastructure being delivered for point projects. This dynamic is leading organisations to seek new, innovative delivery models for their infrastructure, to enable them to be more efficient in the way that they deal with this growth.

Why Choose Us

What makes us different

Nephos Technologies was founded in the belief that customers were no longer getting real value from their traditional partners.

Legacy integrators just weren’t setup to provide expert advice on the new set of challenges that customers were facing around managing their data.

We wanted Nephos to be a company that provided value with a true expertise around data strategy and to challenge our customers to think differently.

We came to market as the first data services integrator with a focus on helping our customers to better understand their environment, with independent recommendations as to how to overcome their challenges and support their strategic development.


Consultancy-led specialists

We help from Day 1


Focused expertise

As a data services integrator, we focus on doing one thing; and doing it well


Proven track record

We have a reputation for innovative thinking and proven delivery


Managed services offered

We help to lower overall risk by providing support where needed

Who We Are

Meet our management team


Michael Queenan

Co-Founder & CEO

Michael is a co-founder of Nephos and is responsible for the overall strategy, direction and branding at Nephos


Lee Biggenden

Co-founder & COO

Lee is a co-founder of Nephos and is responsible for Sales, Marketing and Operations at Nephos


Lee Casey

Solutions Director

Lee is responsible for the Solutions team within Nephos which includes all design, solution architecture and consultancy services


Gary Brown

Operations Director

Gary is responsible for Operations within Nephos, which includes engineering and project management functions.


How We Work

Our values



We listen to our customers’ requirements and desired business outcomes and make recommendations based on them, independent of any vendor relationships.



We believe it’s nearly impossible to be an expert in everything, so we have spent our tens of thousands of hours becoming true experts in one valuable area: Data.



To add real value for our customers we need to have an in-depth understanding of their business and what they need to achieve.



Client needs always take priority over vendor relations, discounts or rebate schemes. We’re also completely honest about what we can and can’t do.



We challenge standard ways of thinking and embrace new approaches that bring value. Our aim is to make the right choice an easy choice for our clients.


Deliver, always

It is critically important to us that we keep our promises. Our reputation starts and ends with delivering to spec, on time and on budget, without fail.

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Sony ATV
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