Removing the complexity
and risk from data migration

Do you need to move your files from one server to another? Are you upgrading from legacy file storage platforms to new storage technologies? If your organisation is updating or adding to your IT infrastructure, you’ll probably need to migrate all or some of your data to the new framework.

Data migration can be very complex and risky, and you’re probably looking for ways to reduce these, and keep the process as labour un-intensive as possible.

Nephos has helped many clients migrate petabytes of data since 2011. We have created and fine-tuned our SmartData Migration service: an extremely thorough migration methodology that speeds up the time it takes to migrate data, while simultaneously reducing complexity and risk.


Data assessment


Recommended migration strategy


Destination set-up


Management of multiple data sources


Policy-based and scheduled migrations

Nephos Technologies were recommended to us
and were refreshingly open and honest about the process and their costs.

They worked with us to get to the bottom of what we actually
needed [to migrate our data] and followed up
with helpful suggestions about how to improve our systems.

Hetti McArthur
Project Manager, Four23

Benefits to your organisation


Reduced migration risks

Our phased approach limits risks associated with data migration, particularly for large scale projects.


Minimal disruption

We use a range of proven tool sets to migrate your data efficiently and safely, at a time and in a way that incurs the least possible disruption to your workflows and operations


A smooth transition

Nephos’s SmartData Migration process is fully documented and we work with your internal and outsourced teams if necessary, to ensure that the migration runs perfectly.


A better data experience

Your new data storage infrastructure will be more efficient, more robust and much easier to use.

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