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Data insights + creativity = competitive advantage

A seismic shift from intuition to analytics

The traditional agency model of relying primarily on beautiful or clever creative to sell products has long been replaced by data-driven, science-based approaches, dominated by digital marketing.

Vast amounts of data are now available for agencies to profile, predict, assess and monitor clients, customers and campaigns.

But extracting powerful insights from this data pool is trickier than it seems. Do it effectively and your agency will achieve competitive advantage, efficient budget spend, and effective campaigns. Data is fast becoming an advertising or marketing agency’s most valuable asset.

Agencies have a legal responsibility to secure data and protect privacy. Whether this includes protecting consumer data and preferences, or sensitive client information like databases and confidential product information, security breaches and hacks can be catastrophic.

In the advertising and marketing context, another source of huge data volumes is content. Copy, graphics, large image files and high resolution video need to be stored properly and made accessible to internal and external parties who need it. Agencies with geographically dispersed offices need to manage and organise this data efficiently, avoiding duplication and version control issues.

Key challenges in the advertising and marketing industry

The most successful agencies of the future will be those who balance creativity with data,
and personalisation with privacy.

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Client data governance

Nephos provides a platform to gain visibility and protection for client-based data, regardless of where it’s stored, to ensure that client-specific data is stored and protected in the right way. We will make sure you are completely compliant with data regulations.

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Video editing in the cloud 

Nephos provides cloud-based infrastructure that can provide a cloud-based editing suite. It supports the unpredictable nature of these workloads, can handle large file sizes, and the data processing can be scaled as needed.

Improving data movement

Through the use of modern technology sets, and our SmartFile Assessment tool, we can help you eliminate infrastructure inefficiencies – and automate your organisation’s data management and movement for critical media assets.

Hybrid cloud workflow

When your teams are collaborating on a global scale, a hybrid cloud delivery model can minimise infrastructure requirements and support secure information sharing. We help you find the right combination of public and private clouds.

SmartData Discovery helped us get a complete view of all the cloud applications being used on our network,
provided a security risk report and showed us how many times we have used them.
The comprehensive review of our cloud usage profile helped us to make the best security decision moving forward.

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