A holistic approach to solving your
organisation’s data problems

Our approach

The data that sits in your organisation can’t be looked at in isolation. How you store, manage, secure and use influences and is impacted by your operations, financials, workflows, users, customers and more.

Nephos takes a consultancy approach to our clients’ data challenges, considering your entire context, as well as how your data management can help you achieve your business goals. That’s smart thinking.

Nephos’s consulting services


SmartFile Assessment

If your IT department is battling to contain your data growth, Nephos SmartFile Assessment will give you visibility over all your data, wherever and however it is stored. You will be able to make informed decisions about which storage frameworks are best for your business.


SmartCloud Strategy

Most businesses know that cloud infrastructure can bring many benefits. But choosing the best approach for your specific needs can be daunting. We’ll help you determine what cloud infrastructure will have the most positive impact on your people, workflows, infrastructure and bottom line.


SmartData Storage

Does your business need to store, use and process data better? Are you looking for more economical options? Do you know what data should be migrated to new storage, and if it will make financial sense? Nephos SmartData Storage gives you all the information you need to make the right data storage choices.


SmartData Discovery

Maintaining oversight and control of ever-increasing data volumes is important, but challenging – particularly when data is being stored in multiple places, on site, in SaaS applications, structured and unstructured. SmartData Discovery helps you find the gaps in your governance and security, and provides guidance to help you comply with regulations including GDPR, PI and CPA.


SmartData Strategy

Data is probably one of your organisation’s most important assets. SmartData Strategy guides you in storing, securing and using your data optimally. Your teams will become more productive, duplication will be reduced, security risks will be minimised. A SmartData Strategy can give you a competitive edge – and help you unlock revenue opportunities from your data.


SmartData Migration

If your business needs to upgrade or enhance your IT frameworks, it’s likely that some or all of your data will have to be migrated to the new infrastructure. Since 2011, our clients have trusted us to migrate petabytes of data. During this time, we conceptualised and refined our SmartData Migration service to what it is today: an incredibly thorough approach to data migration that’s fast, simple and low-risk.

The SmartFile Audit from Nephos Technologies provided us
with exactly what we needed: An insight into our data usage.
They worked through a range of solutions to find the right
approach for us, before delivering a full business case.

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Global Publishing Firm

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SmartData Strategy

SmartData Strategy

All the data in the world is expected to reach 44 zettabytes…

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SmartData Discovery

SmartData Discovery

As your company’s data volumes grow, it’s crucial to have visibility and…

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