Data insights to improve operational efficiency

Future competitiveness is data-driven

Engineering organisations are by nature widely distributed: Each live project is large in scale and has many moving parts. Being able to use data effectively to drive efficiencies in working practices is critical to the growth of engineering firms.

In a sector which often achieves only narrow commercial margins, engineering organisations need to create as much efficiency as possible in the ways they collaborate internally, across different talent pools, and externally with partner organisations.

Engineering firms hold large, untapped volumes of data in a diverse variety of data sets. Having a strategy in place to gather, organise and store this data can unlock opportunities.

This data can be analysed to provide insights into how the organisation manages projects and purchases materials – information which can help forecast project costs more accurately and improve on those tight margins.

Key challenges in the engineering industry

Data science may seem foreign to the world of engineering,
but it can actually offer many operational benefits.

Building information modelling (BIM) solutions

Nephos delivers global collaboration for BIM workloads. The result is streamlined design processes and optimised billable output.


Smart buildings

Nephos helps engineering firms to build smart buildings, which interact with the people using them. Examples like smart airports require real-time data solutions to meet their unique challenges.


Simplified branch infrastructure

Nephos SmartBranch provides a simplified, consistent and turnkey branch office infrastructure that enables scalable collaboration and data centralisation – quickly and easily.


Global data governance

Global engineering firms have demanding regulatory compliance requirements. Nephos’s unique Data Governance as a Service model makes compliance simple.

The SmartFile Audit from Nephos Technologies provided us
with exactly what we needed: An insight into our data usage.
They worked through a range of solutions to find the right
approach for us, before delivering a full business case.

Global Infrastructure Manager
Global Engineering Firm

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