Helping you to make the
right data storage decisions

In 2016, IBM estimated that 90% of the data in the world had been created in the last two years alone. Those 2.5 quintillion bytes of data generated per day is likely even higher now.

Your organisation is probably under pressure to store, protect and use your data better – and switch to more affordable public or private cloud services.

But how is this done? What needs to be migrated? Will it be financially worthwhile? Nephos SmartData Storage can help.


Providing overall data storage strategy


Development of a data migration plan


Integration and testing of new technology


Providing overall business case

I was under pressure to find lower cost storage options.
We needed a specialist to guide us through the process
as it wasn’t an area we had expertise in.

We engaged Nephos and their SmartData Object service,
and they helped us make an informed decision.
It saved us months of work and gave us a framework to work with.

Infrastructure Manager – Storage
Asset Management Firm

What we deliver


Strategic recommendations

Use cases for object / capacity storage, with business cases, financial analysis and TCO comparisons.


Understanding of data scope

Visibility into all your data sets and usage.


Illustrative concepts

High level design for all suggested use cases.


Vendor recommendations

Recommended third party platforms to work with object storage and support use cases.

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