Hybrid Technolgies

Local performance, cloud agility

Local Performance

Cloud Integrated

Software Defined

Lower Cost & Complexity

We had a requirement to deliver collaborative global file services and we had no hesitation in working with Nephos in this area due to their experience. They are true experts in this space, explaining to us every possible option and why they selected the recommended option. I would recommend using Nephos for any hybrid cloud project
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NAS Replacement

Gone are the days of having to deploy large expensive solutions at remote offices. Now with a NAS replacement gateway you can get the benefits of a NAS filer with the cost of cloud storage behind it.

Cloud Backup

Any backup solution that customers are looking at should now include the ability to tier off aged backup data into a cloud storage solution, whether that is on-site or with Microsoft, Amazon or Google.

Global Collaboration

The ability to overlay technologies on top of existing file environment to deliver a collaboration platform that is part of, not seperate to, the existing file system.


This was the most common initial use case for object storage. We are now seeing this taking over from tape as the storage solution for long-term data retention, as it provides a low cost point, but also the ability to still interact with the data that you don’t get with tape.

Big Data Analytics

Data is becoming more and more the “oil” of the business, but sorting through all that data is becoming one of the largest tasks on its own. Overlaying big data analytics on top of an object store delivers the best of both worlds. It enables customers to store data in the lowest cost place, but then also gain the insights from the data that they need.

High-Performance File System

One of the newer entries that we are seeing in the hybrid cloud technology stack is the high-performance file system. Customers can select technologies that provide the high-performance neccassary, but also automatically tier off into a lower cost object storage solution.

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