Cloud Security

Secure your cloud app's and data

Cloud Based DLP

10,000+ Cloud Apps Identified

Audit, Out of Band or Inline Protection

Advanced Context Engine

With the increasing move of our data to cloud-based applications we needed something to provide security and DLP policies for this data. Nephos Technologies understood our requirements and brought in the right vendor for us to meet these challenges
Global CISO
Global Advertising Agency


Identify all cloud app’s running in your environment and assess their risk.  Quickly measure spend on unsanctioned apps and identify redundancies


Drill into user activity and data-level usage to answer questions like “What sensitive content do we have in Cloud app’s?” Detect anomalous behaviour and create activity audit trails


Rather than try to block cloud app’s, why not enforce granular policies to allow you to say “yes” while addressing the real risks and securing your data.


Leverage an ecosystem of third party applications for authentication and security services to gain a holistic view of your data and the applications that are in use by your business

Vendor Management

Understand actual spend on sanctioned and unsanctioned Cloud app’s to identify potential cost savings and regain control over application usage

Total Control

Secure your data in the Cloud regardless of network, location or device based on a single unified policy

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