Capacity Tier

Large scale, low cost storage

Unlimited Scale & Capacity

Cloud Economics

API Integration with 3rd Party Platform

Support for Data Warehousing & Analytics

Nephos’ unique approach to storing our file data has saved us over $12m on storage and backup over 5 years
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Software Defined

Private Cloud and Object storage platforms are, in the main, decoupled from the hardware platforms that they reside on. Their intelligence lies within the software layer, enabling the use of lower cost, higher density commodity hardware to provide physical access and storage.

Greater Availability

One of the challenges of storing large data volumes is maintaining it’s availability, organisations look to tier their data and use offsite protection services to solve the issue but this is complex, costly and lacks agility. By using erasure coding to disperse your data you increase the level of availability without the need to replicate data or protect it offsite


Data growth continues at exponential rates and traditional storage methods fail to scale to support this growth. By storing data as objects you’re able to achieve true webscale storage for your unstructured data at low cost that can then be used to drive value for your business. Private Cloud and Object storage enables you to grow your unstructured data storage at Petabyte and beyond scale, at a cost point you can actually afford

Reduced Footprint

The intelligence is no longer in the hardware platforms that you use. The nature of Private Cloud and Object storage means that you are able to more densely populate commodity hardware to deliver greater capacity in a reduced physical footprint. This has a direct impact the cost of your IT operations, particularly as these systems continue to grow

Application Integrated

As software-defined platforms, native integration into your applications is now a possibility. But this doesn’t need to be all or nothing – Nephos Technologies can provide the support you need to integrate applications natively, or to deliver a service using standard access interfaces like CIFs and NFS

Cloud Economics

Private Cloud and Object storage brings Cloud economics to the internal datacenter. It enables the you to gain the same, if not greater, levels of data availability and scale without the need to buy expensive hardware that needs to be replicated. It brings low cost software defined storage that becomes cheaper as it cotinues to scale into the Petabytes

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