Smart Media

What Smart Media Delivers

60% Average Cost Savings

Improved Workflows

Single Instance of Content

Built-In Cloudbursting

Delivering A Centralised Content Store For Digital Media

The move from Satellite to IP is a huge one for all types of media broadcasters, and with the added pressure to deliver more OTT services and make consumption more personalised, finding a centralised platform to do this on is critical.

Nephos Technologies has leveraged their years of experience working with large enterprises who have gone through the pain of centralising data and delivering more services from this data, to build a blueprint for the next generation of content delivery.

By providing a centralised delivery platform, we bring a raft of benefits through technical simplification, capability gains and driving operational and commercial efficiencies; all with a predictable pricing model that’s easy to scale and add new capabilities.

Part of the challenge of a distributed data storage and delivery model comes from the fact that it is very difficult to know which is the “real” or true version of data, and then compounding that fact is the multiple copies needed for things like different resolutions and language requirements. Adding to all excess data is the ability to drive real-time user interaction on the content that they want to view from whatever device they want to view it from.

Nephos has looked to solve all these problems with its Smart Media Cloud offering, delivering a centralised platform and API to provide access to multiple other services, knowing that you will always be using the gold image of the data. The design also includes things such as; transcoding on the fly, global collaboration between sites, cloud integration to be able to burst into a cloud provider when needed and improved pipeline workflows with a global namespace.

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