Smart HPC

What Smart HPC Delivers

50% Average Cost Saving

Improved Performance

Single Global Namespace

Simplified Workflow

Delivering Data Faster, Cheaper & With Improved Pipeline Management

Historically most high performance compute (HPC) environments have deployed distributed file system appliances from vendors such as EMC and NetApp with expensive backup and DR solutions to support their pre and post process workloads; while these were the most appropriate solutions at the time, the market and technology has moved on since then.

Data volumes are growing and the ability to drive more value through our data is growing with it.  The result is an infrastructure that is struggling to cope with increased scale and performance demands.

Some technology vendors have tried to help solve this problem with integrated tiering into their products to stem the tide, but this doesn’t really work with high speed use cases as the time to retrieve data from slower storage tiers becomes the bottleneck.  Aside from performance challenges, the distributed nature of more traditional infrastructure delivery models, makes it costly and complex to manage your data at scale.

Nephos has looked to overcome these challenges by offering a scale out high performance file system with a global namespace and integrated into an S3 based capacity storage, as well as incorporating the ability to burst to cloud as needed within the same namespace. This means that:

  • Only work in progress data needs to be stored on high-performance storage, reducing overall costs
  • There is no longer a need to pay for, and manage separate backup or archive systems as they become consolidated
  • The amount of hardware required is dramatically reduced due to efficiencies in how data is stored and protected
  • Workflows are improved, as you’re not having to worry where the data is. It is all there on one file system
  • Local and Overall performance is improved. The overall solution is based on one of the fastest file systems on the planet, improving local performance, but also the use of a single namespace means that we remove any long delays in moving data between storage tiers

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