Smart Branch

What Smart Branch Delivers

Turnkey Solution

Centralised Management

Ease of Deployment

Reduce Time To Market

Overcoming Branch Site Challenges

By providing a common delivery platform with centralised management, we bring a raft of benefits through technical simplification, capability gains and driving operational and commercial efficiencies; all with a predictable pricing model that’s easy to scale and add new capabilities.

As standard there are a number of core services included with our Smart Branch platform, with both resource and feature expansions avail- able with clear and predictable pricing models.

All of this is delivered on a scale-out HCI platform that enables us to provide more compute and storage resources as we need them; and all within a pre-defined architecture blueprint.

Part of the challenge of a distributed environment comes not just from the technologies, but the overall integration, delivery and support of the environment. It’s extremely rare for IT departments to have local skill sets across every location that can deploy, manage and support the types of infrastructure needed to deliver the new services required.

Smart Branch takes away all those problems, with it being pre-tested, pre-built and shipped to site ready to go. All that needs to happen is someone to be there to plug it in! This dramatically reduces the time to market for opening new offices, the burden on local IT of upgrading existing offices and improves opera- tional efficiency with everything being able to be managed from a central location.

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