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Delivering Data Analytics For The Distributed Enterprise

Compliance requirements, as well as changes in how data is stored 
and used, is placing increased and significant importance 
on data visualization.

Traditional data management tools are built on legacy approaches, typically designed for use within the datacenter alone, these systems struggle with growing datasets and distributed environment.

Developed to meet the data challenges of some of the world’s largest enterprises with a modern scalable design, Nephos’ Datrgy platform enables the simple discovery and automated management of your data regardless of the storage platform you’re using.

But the challenge isn’t just about the volume of data that you have. We live in a distributed world, with silos of data storage and duplication rife. Datrgy has been developed to address this too, able to discover and index multiple le systems across multiple locations with no degradation of performance, or impact and reliance on network infrastructure.

  • Aggregate view of all file storage
  • Gain total visibility into your data
  • Policy based data movement
  • Audit of data usage
  • Ability to monetize storage consumption
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