Smart Object

Identifying Object Storage Use Cases

Technology Integration & Testing

Developing Data Migration Path

Developing A TCO & Business Case

I was getting pressure from our CFO to look at lower cost storage options, due to the cost of AWS S3, so we needed a specialist that could guide us through the process as it wasn’t an area we had expertise in. We engaged Nephos for their Smart Object service, and they gave us clear options so that we could make an informed decision. It saved us months of work and provided us a framework to work to
Technical Director
Asset Management Firm


Nephos was one of the first companies in the UK to specialise in object storage solutions and eco-systems and has been working with them for over 4 years now.


Nephos Technologies has delivered 50+ object storage projects from 5TB all the way up to 10PB, and has a huge understanding of all the eco-system that supports these deployments.


As an independent systems integrator Nephos provides visibility into the different solutions available, how they fit into your environment and what the most appropriate technology solution would be for you – Not just a vendor driven cookie-cutter approach.

Use Cases

Delivering a successful object storage project is all about understanding use-cases and what is applicable to your business. Nephos Technologies not only understands the different use-cases for object, but has deployed most of them, with varying technologies so can provide some real world experience.

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