High Frequency Trading
and Capital Markets

Reduce losses and optimise gains by
analysing greater data volumes, faster.

Next-level data analysis for the future of finance

High frequency trading and capital market investing have always been driven by data and technology, and enhanced by human ingenuity. Access to traditional and new sources of extensive data – and the ability to interpret it all – has never been more significant than it is today.

Technology has completely transformed the way that financial markets gather, analyse and use data. Competitive advantage requires the right technology, and experts who know how to harness the power of data properly.

Two important goals for all industry players are the race to zero and the hunt for new alpha. Being able to analyse ever-increasing quantities of data in the blink of an eye can give firms an advantage in both these areas.

Better predictive analysis, more intelligent risk modelling and improved quantitative analysis are all achievable when you have the right data strategy in place. Manage data properly and you’ll have intelligent insights that will help you to minimise losses and increase gains.

Key challenges in HFT and Capital Markets

In a sector where split second decisions can result in huge gains or big losses,
the quality and speed of information is critical. Nephos understands this
and the other challenges our clients in this industry face.

Race to zero

We help our clients with turnkey solutions that process data much faster. They’re empowered to make better decisions more quickly – while using significantly less data centre space.


Finding alpha

Our clients are able to analyse greater volumes of data at a much lower price. They discover new insights from old data, resulting in efficiencies and innovative approaches.


Data compliance

Operating in one of the most heavily regulated sectors, our financial services clients rely on us to stay compliant, while still being able to optimise data use across their businesses.


Risk modelling

Our clients use our solutions to automate their risk modelling at scale. This enables their traders to make lower-risk decisions faster, and avoid heavy losses.

The SmartFile Audit from Nephos Technologies provided us
with exactly what we needed: An insight into our data usage.
They worked through a range of solutions to find the right
approach for us, before delivering a full business case.

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