Webinar: Nephos Technologies and AWS – Delivering Hybrid Cloud for the Enterprise

Event Information

When:  29th August, 10am

Where:  Online

When it comes to infrastructure delivery, the direction of travel for most organisations, at least in part, involves the use of public Cloud. In our experience, when organisations look to develop their Cloud strategy, four questions are asked without fail:

1. What services should we move to the Cloud?

2. What is the right delivery model (hybrid, all public, private)?

3. How do we migrate to the Cloud?

4. What is the real cost of moving to the Cloud?

In this 45-minute webinar, we will be discussing how we work with our customers to answer these questions and develop a Cloud strategy right for their business.

We will also be joined by the undisputed heavyweight of Public Cloud: AWS, who will be sharing some of their experiences of the challenges when delivering Cloud-based infrastructure.

If you are responsible for the development or delivery or your organisations’ Cloud strategy, then sign up and join the conversation, as we look to share some first-hand experiences of developing and delivering Cloud strategy.

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