Webinar: Enabling Hybrid IT Orchestration and DevOps Self-Service

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When: 26th September, 2019 – 10am

Where:  Online

As the use of Cloud and container-based services continues to rise, and the desire to create a self-service based infrastructure becomes the more common target operating model, the importance of a platform-agnostic orchestration platform becomes all the more critical.

Nephos Technologies assessed many hybrid Cloud management platforms, but ultimately came to decide on Morpheus Data as our recommended platform; a decision based on Morpheus’ openness and breadth:

–  It’s 100% agnostic – avoiding concerns many companies have of getting locked-in to a specific cloud or platform stack.

–  Has IaaS and PaaS for on-prem or public Cloud and support bare metal, VM, and containers

–  Over 75 third-party integrations built-in and ready to go out of the box

–  Ability to enforce cost control and optimisation

To showcase these capabilities, and discuss its key use cases, Nephos and Morpheus Data have scheduled a 45-minute webinar during which we’ll be discussing the following:

–  Market trends for Cloud usage, automation and orchestration

–  An overview of Morpheus Data and the platform capabilities

–  Platform demonstration

If your business is currently embarking on a Cloud, DevOps or containerisation programme, or is planning to in the future, then join us on our webinar to understand the importance of developing the right management strategy for your infrastructure.

About Morpheus Data
As the first truly unified ops orchestration platform on the market, Morpheus was built to solve problems nobody was adequately solving.

Morpheus was born out of necessity and architected by DevOps and Cloud Computing practitioners for their use. The platform originated inside of Bertram Capital, a San Mateo-based private equity firm with more than $1 Billion in capital and investments in dozens of portfolio companies; developed as a 100% infrastructure agnostic cloud management platform capable of integrating with the diverse range of DevOps and Cloud tools in use. Such a tool didn’t exist, so Bertram Labs created their own solution…

Realising it’s value, Morpheus was then spun-out of Bertram as a standalone business, which now serves some of the largest Fortune 1000 companies and Service Providers in the world.

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