Global Publishing Firm

Nephos Delivers Next Generation Infrastructure Roadmap and Cloud Strategy For Global Publishers

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Real World Results

Reduction in physical footprint by 60%

Reduction In Infrastructure

Common infrastructure for all geographies

Repeatable Delivery Model

Reduced planned CAPEX spend by 42% and current TCO by 54%

TCO Reduction

Consolidated 4 platforms into 1

Infrastructure Simplification

The Challenge

The Publisher is one of the worlds most renowned, with some of the world’s most recognised publications. The organisation were embarking on a digital transformation program to digitise their platforms and simplify their infrastructure operating model; moving from each individual market or country owning and operating their infrastructure, to a more regional support model.  In addition, the UK market had a more tactical requirement to modernise their storage and data protection infrastructure that was no longer fit for purpose.

Nephos were challenged to bring together two potentially opposing dynamics: (1) the UKs more tactical need to replace an end of life environment with something fit for purpose, and; (2) the global strategy to move services into the Cloud and infrastructure operations to a centralised model for all eleven global markets.

When it came to the next iteration of their strategy, the goals were to:

  • –  Centralise infrastructure service delivery
  • –  Reduce datacentre footprint
  • –  Give a longer-term bridge to the cloud
  • –  Replace the UK to overcome their technical challenges

The Nephos Solution

In order to support the Publishers transformational program, and to support their target operating model, Nephos were engaged to deliver our Smart Strategy service in order to:

  • –  Reduce the on-premise infrastructure footprint
  • –  Identify workloads suitable to be deployed in Cloud
  • –  Create an optimum cost model for hybrid Cloud infrastructure
  • –  Create an infrastructure delivery framework that can be deployed globally

In order to architect the end-state solution, there needs to be clarity over the actual usage requirements, and as such, Nephos’ initial task was to baseline the current actual infrastructure usage. Like most organisations, the Publisher had both over-provisioned infrastructure i.e. Virtual machines are oversized compared to the actual resources consumed, and a number of virtual machines that can be decommissioned.  As part of this baseline Nephos also undertook to understand the functional and non-functional requirements as well as the current commercial landscape to identify areas of potential cost optimisation.

The Outcome

As a direct result of Nephos’ work, we were able to reduce the planned on-premise infrastructure deployment by over 50% in terms of both cost and physical space consumed, as well as giving the UK a market a pathway to move 50% of the current workloads into AWS for services that either did not require on-site performance or for test and development workloads.

The overall approach taken meant that Nephos enabled the customer to:

  • –  Reduce the planned CAPEX spend for on-premise equipment by 42%
  • –  Remove on-premise DR completely to move DR to the Cloud (AWS)
  • –  Reduced the current cost base by 54%

Aside from the direct reduction in cost and physical infrastructure deployment, the model proposed by Nephos will provide the Publisher with a platform that can be managed both regionally and centrally where deployed in line with the business’ target operating model, with a pathway to migrate services to the Cloud. The hybrid nature of the end-state solution demonstrates the value in working with an organisation that understands both public Cloud and Next Generation datacentre infrastructure, with the ability to integrate both.

About Global Publishing Firm

The organisation publishes close to 100 high-quality websites and apps in 11 countries around the world, reaching more than 200 million unique users with some of the worlds most famous brands. The organisation also directly produce eighty premium quality magazines in eleven countries across Europe, Asia and Central America.

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