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Simplified data protection model

Scalable storage and capacity on demand

Lower storage TCO

Enabling collaboration

About Holmes Group

Founded over 60 years ago and now spanning New Zealand, Australia, the USA and the Netherlands, Holmes has more than 350+ professionals delivering creative and practical solutions to our clients’ most exacting engineering challenges. With 11 international offices, Holmes consistently delivers engineering excellence all over the world.

The Challenge

  • Inability to Collaborate
  • Duplicated Data Stores & Silos
  • Complex Storage & Backup

The Solution

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Storage
  • Nasuni UNIFS Platform
  • Nephos Smart File Assessment

The Results

  • Simplified Data Backup
  • Lower Storage TCO
  • Reduced Data Duplication

The Challenge

Historically, each of Holmes’ 11 locations ran file services independently, with each site having its own dedicated storage and backup infrastructure, which posed several questions/challenges:

  • How do we collaborate as a global organization without replication of data?
  • How do we centralise data but maintain user access performance?
  • How do we reduce excessive backup windows?
  • How do we simplify storage in a distributed environment?

Traditional storage approaches were unable to answer these questions, so Holmes went to market to explore the ways modern, Cloud integrated approaches could capitalise on business and ICT efficiencies.

We were looking for partners with the right combination of intelligent technology and business understanding. Nephos and Nasuni quickly understood what we were looking for, and we were confident we could work with them to design the right solution for our fast-growing, dynamic international business. Nasuni provided our business with a way to consolidate our data from distributed silos into a global file system with LAN speed access to files in all offices across the globe. Nasuni also greatly reduced our recovery time objective from 4 hours to just 20 minutes after a critical failure. With Nasuni hybrid cloud storage we have been able to gain reliability, speed of access to data, improve collaboration, reduce downtime, and have storage infrastructure that is easily scalable
Seb Herrmann
ICT Programme Manager

The Nephos Solution

Holmes, working alongside Nephos Technologies, identified Nasuni as the most viable solution to meet the requirements of the business.  After selecting the Nasuni platform as the preferred technology, and following a successful evaluation period, Holmes is using Nasuni to enable them to create a single unified file system across each of their 11 locations, centralise data in the Cloud and maintain local performance for their users.  Additionally, the technology is enabling them to remove the challenges surrounding excessive backup windows by integrating file backups into the same solution.

The solution deployed is providing Holmes with several benefits, as well as being transparent to the users:

  • Reducing the cost and complexity of storage infrastructure
  • Removing duplicate data stores
  • Removing the need for a separate file backup system
  • Enhancing user performance for file access
  • Enabling collaboration across their global locations


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