Nephos Approved for G-Cloud 11

London, 11th July 2019:  Nephos Technologies, a leader in data services, has successfully been selected as a preferred supplier on the UK Government’s G-Cloud 11 framework. The G-Cloud framework is an agreement between the government and suppliers who provide cloud-based services. G-Cloud has been streamlined to enable public sector bodies to consume Cloud services, support…

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Trusted or Untrusted, It’s Still Your Data!

I’ve been thinking about Slacks recent comments that maybe, just maybe, the security of their platform may not be where it should be – my favourite part of the statement (and if you’ve not read it, you can get to it here: “The security measures we have implemented or integrated into Slack and our internal systems…

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Data, data, everywhere, but not a place to start!

Imagine a world where you could look at a dashboard and get a complete overview of your data; How much you had, where it was, how much it was costing you, if it was secure, how to optimise it, which were the most valuable elements and all this was done automatically for you! Hopefully this…

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How long before containers become the new virtualisation layer?

Let’s get something very clear from the start, Docker isn’t a replacement for application virtualisation. Instead it is a new, more agile, way of developing and deploying applications into production. Now I have that off my chest we can talk about how the world is moving from virtualisation to containers, in the same way that…

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Is it a data lake, an oasis or just a mirage??

I read a blog post recently by one of the large infrastructure vendors talking about “data lakes” and how badly customers need them. I happen to pick on this one blog, but I have read so many recently that I felt I wanted to write something from the customers that we are talking with around…

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New Year, New Trends – Nephos Predicts Mainstream Tech for 2018

As we welcome in the new year, we at Nephos have taken a glance into our crystal ball to predict what we think will be some of the emerging technologies to go mainstream in 2018, all of this without even mentioning things like GDPR or MiFID 2 as these are compliancy elements that have to…

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