Identify All Cloud Applications

Identify Risks Of Exposed Cloud Docs

Find Compliance Gaps

Understand Cloud App License Usage

Smart Discovery helped us get a complete view of all the cloud applications being used on our network, provided a recommended security risk against them and also how many times we have used them. It gave us the overview of our cloud usage profile to be able to make security decision moving forward

CISO, Digital Agency

 Passive: Nephos believes that the process should be painless and simple, so that’s what it is.  There’s no need to deploy any hardware, or make any changes to network or security infrastructure

Visibility: Nephos’ Smart Cloud Discovery service provides visibility into the Cloud applications in use by your business, detailing the what, the who and the when

Vendor Management: Businesses invest huge sums on licensing their applications, so being able to understand if users are leveraging unsanctioned Cloud apps in their place provides an important tool for managing vendor spend

Risk Profile: How big is the risk to your business through the use of unsanctioned Cloud apps?  This is a clear deliverable as part of the ourput that you recieve from Nephos’ SmartCloud Discovery service