Delivering Performance Where You Need It

As organisations demand more from their applications, the infrastructure supporting it needs to be able to scale and meet those demands.  Nephos leverages high-performance infrastructure to make sure that your users aren’t left disappointed.

HCI & All Flash Arrays


High Performance File System


Elastic Scale

Increased Performance For Analytics

Nephos didn’t come to us with any preconceived technology vendors and actually listened to what we needed. They evaluated both flash and hyper-converged options before making a final recommendation that fit our requirement

Infrastructure Manager, European Architects

Faster Time To Value

By simplifying your infrastructure Nephos are able to offer up to an 8 fold increase in time to value, for buying, delivering and managing your infrastructure

Lower Costs

By seperating out the performance and capcity tier you are able to drive the correct technology for the best use case. You also deliver performance on the exact data that needs it, rather than on everything.

Simplified Management

Hyper-convergence enables you to significantly reduce the management overhead on IT by leveraging a single unified compute and storage platform, managed through a single pane of glass, supporting multiple hypervisors

Increased Performance

With the introduciton of all flash arrays over the past years the cost-to-performance issue that has previously plagued the SAN market has disappeared. You no longer have to be paying millions to deliver the IOPS you need.

Reduced Complexity

Most of the leading vendors in the AFA and HC market’s provide hardware that is scale-up and scale-out in nature. So there is no need for complex network or storage designs with additional fibre channel switches.

Lower Footprint

Due to the fact that the performance is so much higher in a much smaller appliance we are seeing huge savings in overall DC space, with one example going from 6 racks of SAN storage down to 8U of an all flash array

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