Enabling Your Multi-Cloud Strategy 

For many organisations, a multi-cloud strategy is key to avoiding lock-in and to support a broader range of infrastructure needs.  The overhead of managing multiple cloud environments, public and private, can lead to spiralling costs and complexity.  You need a robust and simple management platform that can support it all.

Centralised Cloud Management

Self Service Portal

Chef/Puppet Integration

Cloud Cost Management

We needed a self-service portal for all our cloud management needs, both on-site and public cloud. Nephos Technologies delivered the solution that met all our requirements

Engineering Director, Engineering Firm

Cloud Visibility

Hybrid Cloud Management (HCM) provides visibility into the usage and costs of your Cloud infrastructure in a single pane of glass regardless of whether it is a service delivered by IT, a line of business or an individual project


HCM platforms can provide a layer of governance and control over your Cloud infrastructure usage, controlling cost and deployment scenarios in line with IT policy, regardless of who is deploying the infrastructure

Dev Ops Integrated

Being able to integrate with DevOps tools such as Chef and Puppet enables you to streamline the delivery of applications in the Cloud, as well as being able to automate provisioning and runbook tasks in the Cloud

Self Service

Cloud infrastructure is consumable by nature.  HCM platforms offer a central point of consumption with standardised delivery, enabling delegation of infrastructure deployments to lines of business or individuals within a governance framework approved by IT.  

Consistent Delivery

By utilising a HCM platform you’re able to consistently deliver Cloud infrastructure based on standardised, pre-defined blueprints that meet your businesses requirements regardless of the Cloud environment that they’re delivered in; bringing consistent delivery of infrastructure services

Accelerated Delivery

Businesses often need quick access to infrastructure.  By combining pre-defined delivery templates, and self-service capabilities you’re able to deploy IT approved infrastructure without the constraints that come with traditional infrastructure, taking delivery times from weeks to hours