About Us

Nephos Technologies is a consultancy led cloud systems integrator that specializes in Next Generation Data Centre technologies


Data Driven



The Meaning of Nephos

Nephos Technologies started to help fill a void that we saw from traditional integrators not providing independent, expert advice to their customers

The word Nephos (pronounced “nef’-os”) comes from the ancient Greek meaning cloud and we use it in today’s English in the meteorological expression Nephology which is the study of clouds and Nephologist which is a person that studies clouds.


Who We Are

Nephos Technologies is an independent Systems Integrator for the Next Generation Data Center; providing consultancy, management and technology services to organisations seeking to utilise cloud technologies and economics, whether that is on-site, off-site or a hybrid based approach.

For many organisations, their traditional service providers / partners have stopped delivering value, instead, maintaining the status quo without challenging their thinking. Nephos Technologies came to market to change this dynamic; to challenge traditional thinking as a modern-day independent partner, focussed on data, that delivers real value and new ideas.

Nephos Technologies left legacy technologies behind, we focus on the data and how best to store, access, process and protect it, using the next generation of technology to enable positive change for our customers.


Why Nephos

Experience and reduction of risk! Moving to a Next Generation Data Center solution, whether that be public, private or hybrid holds a risk to it. Nephos Technologies has the proven and referenceable track record of working with different sized organisations in almost every sector. We have delivered projects from a single application move to cloud to entirely redesigning and delivering a software designed datacentre project for 10,000 users across 200 sites.

Nephos Technologies was set up for one reason; to help our customers navigate the confusing world of “Cloud”. There are many Companies in the market right now all trying to get into Cloud from a number of different angles, most of which were not focused on Cloud twenty four or even twelve months ago. Nephos Technologies is focused on Cloud and that is it – nothing else!

  • Annual Revenue Growth 32%
  • Customer Focus 100%
  • Customer Retention 97%
  • Customer Cost Savings 67%

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